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Instead of thinking about a time when you had your hopes up and they were dashed, focus your thoughts on a time when you thought all hope was lost and everything worked out fine. Think of all the times you said "I don't know if I can do it" and you surprised yourself. Think of the times you thought you couldn't even handle one more thing and then you did, and then some. You may have to really concentrate to remember these times, but they are there, and they should replace that negative tape loop, STAT.
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Anyone here up for a challenge? :)

Well, here's my first post to this group.  And it's gonna be a strange one!

Here's a question: 

How does someone who has never set goals learn to set goals?

A little background is needed here, I think.  I grew up in an environment where no goals were set and nothing was expected from any of us as children.  On a subtle level, we knew that we were expected to fail no matter what we did, I think.  But since my mother died when I was eight years old, I learned at that time that things can change in the blink of an eye.  I learned to not set goals - why plan anything when it can all get wiped out in a second?  ANY goals.  Short term, or long term, no goals.  And 44 years later, nothing has changed.  I still have the mindset of the eight year old girl.

So I found this community intriguing.  I guess I figure I can learn something here, maybe learn how to change my thinking.  I've done things my way for 44 years; it doesn't work.  LOL!!!  Could be time to make some changes, huh?
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Go me!

Welcome (back) to GOYA and GOMA!

This community is a way for all of us to work on our own goals, get support, and give support to others who are working on their own goals. In the past, goals have been large and small, deeply personal or very open, and the support has been as simple as a cyberpat on the back to as involved as serious advice. It's up to you to make this community work, and it will take shape as we each participate.

You can feel free to refer friends here if you know they could use the support, but strangers will not be added.

Please feel free to ask questions, or make an introductory post about what you are working on. :)